Wednesday, August 29, 2007

weirdest concert

Strangest concert I ever saw was Springsteen (Sans E. Street Band) back in like 1996 in Atlanta ... I think. That was the "Ghost of Tom Joad" tour where it was mostly Bruce and an acoustic guitar. But the weird thing was that the crowd, which was "sorta" sold out had to be totally quiet and there was no leaving for beer or bathroom breaks.

And I say sorta because almost have the place was roped off trying to create that "intimate" vibe. Springsteen solo was great and "Ghost/Nebraska" were my two favorite albums, but no beer ... and he talked all the time. It was VH-1 storytellers only I paid like 50 bucks for the tickets.

The Rising tour with the whole E-street band was far better ... and exhuasting ... three hours and change.