Saturday, August 25, 2007

Van Halen "jump" ... the shark

The reunited Van Halen is what rock needs - 10 years ago.

It's kinda sad, especially to hear Diamond Dave - muggin' for the camera like it was the MTV Music awards of 1984 - talk about "this is just the beginning" and plans for a new record, which the world is just clamoring for. No doubt Eddie's still great (long as he keeps his shirt on, a la the cover of Guitar World) but dynamics have died.

But with that said, I'd rather pay way to much for these nostalgia acts than half-price for most of what else is out there (save for Mastodon, but that's another post). But at least it's the ACTUAL Van Halen.

Before is was the year of "Hey, we know our lead singer's dead an all but how about paying too much to hear ... this other guy?" I'm talking to you Queen, Alice in Chains, Sublime, Foreigner (ooh. Is that guy dead).

Anyway, now that Van Halen's back together, maybe we can somehow resurrect the actual Guns 'n' Roses.