Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Black Sabbath Jr.

Saw that Heaven & Hell, which is Black Sabbath without Ozzy (Ronnie James Dio instead), has a live album out this week. Hope it's better than the Sabbath show I saw back in 1975 on the Sabotage tour. I was leaning on the stage in Atlanta's Municipal Auditorium and witnessed one of the five worst concerts I've ever seen (and that number is around 2,000 bands at this point). TWO guitar solos, TWO drum solos, a wave of mud instead of clear sound and Ozzy clapping completely out of rhythm with the music (but he ALWAYS does that). I wanted to leave but couldn't, I was hemmed in by the crowd behind me. Even worse, Peter Frampton opened the show and this was before he became famous (notice I didn't say good) with Frampton Comes Alive.