Friday, August 24, 2007

Holy Hatchet

Can't say as I'm particularly well versed in Molly Hatchet. Course everybody knows "Flirtin' with Disaster," but it's those gnarly album covers that I remember most.

Records used to be so awesome and are half the reason I'm a music addict today. I remember that first Molly Hatchet record with it's creepy, faceless viking standing on a mound of human skulls ... no way to confuse that with Barry Manilow and Melissa Manchester (mom's other favorites rockers.)

Then there was Kiss. Bought my first Kiss record at Woolworth's with money I stole out of my mom's purse. Kiss Alive II, the one with the mug shots at the bottom and the huge, gatefold photo inside. I would stare at if for hours ... in between trying to blow fire using a swig of Lord Calvert and Bic lighter. My eyebrows still haven't grown back.