Sunday, August 26, 2007

Even more Rumble photos

Two things that happened to me at the Rumble show last night:

1 - A lady next to me asked me to guess the age of another woman who was on the other side of her. She was attractive and dancing with her husband, so wanting to keep my face intact, I said I had no idea. (I'm married; I know this drill.) The first woman wouldn't take no for an answer, so I had to guess. I said 35. (Wink, wink.) She was turning 52 today.

2 - A woman who brought her dog -- think Marmaduke -- on a leash stood behind me, with the dog licking my ankle and smelling the back of my shorts (and those of the aforementioned woman) during the Molly Hatchet show. I'm glad Michael Vick wasn't around.

I had the thought during the show that there's a huge difference between fans of Southern rock shows and fans of rock shows in general, especially metal and hard rock. I like Southern rock as much as the next guy -- the very first headlining act I saw was .38 Special back in the late 1970s when I was a pimply teen -- but I never feared for getting my head bashed in at a rock show, and I've been to gosh knows how many shows in 25 years.

I've seen fights at shows of all types, mind you, but the drinking last night was a little too much -- though it was really only a few who got out of hand; kind of expected, I guess. There was too much pushing between a select few trying to get to the stage, especially when you consider there were children scattered throughout the first few "rows" of Noble Street. When Hatchet broke into "Flirtin' With Disaster" to close their show, two guys nearly knocked me to the ground trying to shoulder their way in front of me.

Most people behaved well; a good crowd mixed with Calhoun County residents and out-of-towners, I thought. But the few who drank their week's salary in Pabst Blue Ribbon could have ruined it for one of those kids if they had been hurt. Just a thought. It was a good night and the shows were OK. Glad I went -- though I'll pay for it with bleary eyes and ringing ears for a few days.

My face is ugly, but at least I kept it.