Friday, August 24, 2007

iPods and cow manure

Finally, I have joined the digtal age.

I remember havving an actual arguement with my good friend Chad Bulloch in like 11th grade when I swore that I'd never by CDs.

"Dude, it's a fad," I said, combing my fingers through a glorius mullet and smoothing out the wrinkles on my Sex Wax t-shirt.

Besides, who needed CDs? Tape players had finally taken all the guess work out of rewinding by getting "smart" players that stopped at the beginning of every new song. Course that didn't work for mix tapes ... but that's another blog.

But I did eventually sell my soul to the CD gods - and some 2,000 discs later, I wasn't about to hear about the "iPod thing." Then my wife got one for Christmas. And I've been addicted ever since.

Nothing's better than an iPod for yard work. I can toil away all day with 250 downloaded songs on random - Rock 'n' roll all night, planting every day.

How else can you get from Black Flag to Johnny Cash, Drive-by Truckers to Bad Religion and Our Lady Peace to Venom all with a single spin of the thumb. Plus, I never have to switch CDs.

But I still miss tapes.