Thursday, September 13, 2007

No! Really?

Since we updated you a day or two ago about Foxy's problems -- don't throw cell phones at your friends, people -- now we get this news from the trusty ol' AP:

Foxy Brown’s manager says rapper, sentenced to jail for probation violation, isn’t pregnant
NEW YORK — Jail officials will not need to make maternity accommodations for Foxy Brown — her manager says the rapper isn’t pregnant, despite her lawyer’s courtroom contention that she was.
The revelation came Wednesday as her manager and Koch Records announced that Brown would release a new album while serving a one-year jail sentence.
Brown, who hasn’t released an album since 2001’s “Broken Silence,” was sentenced Friday to one year in jail for violating probation that stemmed from a fight with two manicurists in a New York City nail salon three years ago.
In August, defense lawyers told the court that Brown was three months pregnant. But in a statement released Wednesday, her manager, Chaz Williams, said: “And to the pregnancy rumors, this is the official statement: She is not pregnant.”