Monday, September 3, 2007

Have some class, man

OK, let me get two things clear up front:

1 -- I'm not a fan of rap music, but I can appreciate its creativity when it's done well.
2 -- I'm the first to admit that rock and country music often have lyrics that can curl a bald man's fuzz.

That said, a quick story from this weekend.

I took my son to a college football game; one SEC team was playing, a decent game. We went walking around beforehand looking at all the RVs and tailgaters and such, and we happened to walk past a gaggle of college students who were playing their tunes pretty loud. That's cool. No big deal.

But they had a rap song cranked to 10, and its chorus -- chorus? -- repeated a phrase of "*&^% YOU" over and over again. They started laughing when they saw I had my 8-year-old son with me, almost daring me to ask them to have some class and turn that mess down because their were kids around.

I wish I had.

It's no more appropriate to play that song in such a public, family-oriented place as it is to play "Get the *&^% Out" by 90s rockers Skid Row. It's not a rock vs. rap thing. It's a class thing.

They should have had more. I'll chalk it up to collegiate immaturity, something I certainly had long ago.