Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Janet Reno the music producer?

Former Attorney General Janet Reno releases today Song of America, a three-CD, 50-song "history book" compilation she began work on while still serving in the Clinton administration, the Miami Herald reports.

The set "presents an unblinking look at the nation's history, one that doesn't shy away from troubled chapters. Dixie's Land, with all the emotionally charged baggage it has picked up through the years, and Streets of Philadelphia, the modern-day lament on the AIDS epidemic, play alongside Battle Hymn of the Republic and Stars and Stripes Forever."

Reno, an executive producer of the compilation, attended the 2005 Grammy Awards to recruit artists to cover and reinterpret the songs on the CD. Said Reno: "It was fascinating. It was a festival. They would ask me, 'What are you doing here?' and they'd look at me in stunned amazement when I told them."

Click here for track listing and audio samples.