Saturday, September 8, 2007

More on Zeppelin reunion

This from, one of my favorite sites, about the possible Zeppelin reunion. Don't know whether to get excited or not ... of course, how old are these guys now? May not be anything to get excited about.

LED ZEP RUMORS RETURN:Lots of Led Zeppelin reunion rumors as usual. I have avoided printing most of them (all false), but the latest one seems to be gaining momentum in the wake of planned new releases from the band (new compilation and DVD remaster).

The main rumor has the band penciled in to play O2 Arena in London on November 26.On comment from an industry message board reads: "It's all over the radio today in London, but it's due to be "officially" confirmed in the next week. There was advertisements in today's UK newspapers with hotel and ticket deals - on Planet Rock radio this evening they said that they called the record company who told them that the advertisements were released early in error, but things will be confirmed in the next week."

The band will be Page, Plant, Jones and drummer Jason Bonham (John Bonham's son). This also from the UKs BBC news service:"Led Zeppelin fans have been warned against buying tickets for a supposed comeback gig in London this autumn. Tickets are being advertised by one ticket agency, which claims a concert is "on the brink" of being announced for the O2 arena later this year. But the band, who broke up in 1980, have not confirmed any dates and promoter Harvey Goldsmith says he is concerned people are being "fleeced".

However, he did not specifically deny that the gig was going ahead.In a statement, the rock promoter said: "There have been at least four events advertised which I suspect either don't exist or where no tickets are on sale or indeed dates finalised."

Goldsmith added that he had reported the ticket agency, Premier Entertainments, to the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS). The agency is also selling tickets for shows by Bruce Springsteen, the Spice Girls and Cream. Hotel and concert packages for the Led Zeppelin gig are priced at a minimum of £269. Goldmith says he is concerned that fans are being "fleeced" Goldsmith urged fans not to buy from "unauthorised sources".

"The bottom line is that unless official adverts have appeared for concerts, tickets are not on sale." Premier Entertainments said they were not accepting bookings for the concert until details were announced, but would take details of interested customers. They added that they only sell ticket and hotel packages for all events.

Led Zeppelin were one of the biggest-selling rock groups of the 1970s, best known for songs like Whole Lotta Love and Stairway To Heaven. They disbanded after the death of drummer John Bonham. The three surviving members - John Paul Jones, Robert Plant and Jimmy Page - briefly reunited at the Live Aid concert in Philadelphia in 1985 and at Atlantic Records' 40th birthday celebrations in 1988. Rumours of a comeback tour have circulated since the band announced they would release a 24-track "best of" album, Mothership, in November.