Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Radiohead for free?

Radiohead, very vocal about how they hate the music industry, has decided to release its new record, In Rainbows, on Oct. 10. But you can only get it on the band's Web site. No record labels involved. And the kicker? Pay whatever you want for it, according to the band.

Yeah, that'll work. This is a generation that doesn't want to pay for anything. In fact, most folks who go on the Web are looking for freebies. Remember when Stephen King released "Riding the Bullet" on the Web for $10? It was on the honor system, click the button, agree to pay later, get the book. Well, about half the people who got the book never paid.

Then again, only bands that sell more than 1 million copies of their records actually make any money off record sales (the labels gobble up all the profits first, saying they've "loaned" the band money to make the record, film the video, etc. etc.). Most bands earn their living through touring and merchandise sales. So Radiohead stands to actually make money from its own record. What a concept.