Monday, October 8, 2007

Gettin' my groove to AOL

AOL is old school for lots of people, and I understand why. It's pricey, and its features aren't must-haves. I've often thought about dropping it and getting plain, old Internet access somewhere else for half the price.

But I'm loyal to AOL.

And I'm glad I am. I really dig the Radio@AOL feature that allows you to stream music into your speakers while you're online. It's really good for me because I'm so old-school I still have turtle-slow, dial-up service that can't stream anything without locking up the ol' Dell.

So while I'm surfing around, I can listen to a bunch of XM stations, stations themed by musical genre, talk radio of news (NPR) or sports (Sporting News) or almost anything else. Got hooked this morning on the international stations, which I'd never messed with before.

There are cheaper, and possibly better, service providers out there. But my ears are glad I'm still stuck on AOL.