Friday, October 5, 2007

Give blood, talk music

Some lively conversation today at The Star's blood drive. A song playing over the loudspeaker ended, and two of us mistakenly said, "We were liking that Prince song."

Immediately, we were corrected by Charles, a blood collections specialist, that "Oh, Shelia" was sung by Ready for the World -- not Prince.

(I'm now informed that Ready for the World's best song is "Let Me Love You Down." Never heard it, but there it is.)

(Back to the bloodmobile): The discussion moved from Prince to his albums. Best: Purple Rain, hands down. Finally, we morphed into general music trivia such as:

Bands named for cities: Bay City Rollers, Chicago, Atlanta Rhythm Section, etc.,

Bands named for states: Kansas, et al.

So, completing our Prince tie-in, what are bands fronted by incredibly short, spunky people?