Tuesday, October 30, 2007

New releases ... who cares

I check Billboard.com compulsively every Tuesday just to see what's being released or at least remastered. And I can't remember the last time this many big name artists released this many albums on the same day ... or when I could have possibly cared less.

Fresh off the presses today:
Britney Spears (maybe now she'll have a reason to be photographed half-nekked ... it's called performing)

Carrie Underwood (the second-best thing to happen to American Idol since Kelly Clarkson)

The Eagles (what with the Reunion Tour that only members of the band could afford to by tickets for it's at least a kind act of mercy that their first new CD in 235 years is available strictly at Wal-Mart.

Backstreet Boys (make Britney Spears still seem relevant) And yet I find myself rooting for these guys ... I don't want to listen to 'em mind you, but rooting for them just the same.

And as a side not Rick Springfield (yep ... THAT guy) just reissued his entire catalogue with bonus tracks. No punchline needed. It's actually happened. You too can own "Living in OZ."