Monday, November 12, 2007


On Tuesday (as in tomorrow), Led Zeppelin's entire catalog will be available on iTunes for the first time. In terms of supergroups, that leaves only the Beatles who've not drunk the iTunes Kool-Aid, but they've sipped it because they're in negotiations now for their catalog to be made available in the future.

So what's your favorite Led Zep song? Robert Plant says he thinks "Kashmir" is the song that best encapsulates what the band was all about, but I can't stand "Kashmir." It's a droning dirge.

For me, the song that never really gets old for me is "Bring It On Home" from Led Zep II. In fact, that entire album never really gets old to me, unlike, say Led Zep IV, which I can only listen to every now and then, probably because almost all the songs on it have been played to death on classic rock radio.