Monday, November 26, 2007

Now this reunion I'd like to see

So it would appear that Ian Ashbury, lead singer of The Cult, had a little secret that he felt the need to share with a couple thousand fans recently.

During a gig at Bogart's nightclub in Cincinatti, Ashbury told the crowd that his band - themselves recently reunited - had been pegged as the opening act for a Led Zepplin tour.


Now the surviving members of arguably the greatest hard rock band in history - Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and John Paul Jones - have set the stage with a planned "one-off" concert for charity in the next month have been fighting off reunion talks for decades. But with the recent release of yet another "best of" package, their entire catalogue availble for digital download and the remastered release of "The Song Remains the Same" (not to mention everyone still being alive), the time just might be right for an actual reunion tour. But as much as I appreciate the gesture, even though Jason is his son, John Bonham simply cannot be matched and therefore a Led Zepplin reunion will ultimately fall short.

'Course the real question ... Seriously is The Cult the best they could get?

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