Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Tommy Lee no more

And the entire Metal World mourns ... then cheers ... then mourns ... then cheers.

Seems as the on-again, off-again courtship between Motley Crue and original drummer Tommy Lee is again on the skids. Bassist Nikki Sixx, off tearing up tiny stages with his side project Sixx AM, officially accepted the faxed resignation of metal's most famous skins man (get it ... "skins man 'cause of the whole Pam and Tommy tape thing, Oh, never mind) and thus ending the gutter-glam band's lucrative reunion tour.

But have no fear. The band will endure long as Mick Mars is still alive (that or they'll just prop him up). According to Vince Neil, who's been doing the fairground circuit during Crue's down time, says future tours and even CDs of new material are in the works.

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