Wednesday, November 14, 2007

someone make him stop

It's time for the Gene Simmons Money Making Juggernaut to pull over to a rest stop.

OK, glad the long-tongued bassist for Kiss managed to resurrect the band and the makeup for one last reunion tour ... that's lasted 10 years and counting. And I truly enjoyed the reality show. His son, Nick, is a star in the making. Heck, it's even cool that I can buy everything from Kiss condoms to breath mints at Spencer's.

But as much as I enjoy watching Gene and his Kiss cohorts, I don't want to read about his philosophies on making money and I certainly don't want to read about his advice for snagging chicks. Granted he's got Polaroid proof of certain backstage conquests, let's stop on the proverbial horn tootin'.

Here's a thought ... Let's record another KISS record! Granted, the world won't take a whole lotta notice, but at least that's what you're good at.

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