Monday, November 19, 2007

More music nobody wants

Once upon a time, Kiss was innovative, dangerous, decent.

But no more - and not in a really, really long time. Sure, they're still out there - Gene with his books and TV show, Paul with his art and solo record, Ace and Peter ... well, they are still alive.

Anyway, with a series of TV box sets already on the shelves (both of which truly are awesome. The first because it captures the might and majesty of KISS as rock icons, and the second just for plain niche value - Phantom of the Park is one of the unintentionally funniest movies ever made), one would think they'd be happy to ride off into the proverbial sunset.

Nope. In a recent Billboard interview, Gene Simmons complained at length about how the college kids "killed music" because of all their free downloads, and how he has "no desire" to make new music with Kiss or anyone else for fear it would just be "stolen."

One reason to be thankful for music downloads. I'll be content to go home crank up Destroyer or even Dynasty (actually, I still like Music From the Elder) and reminisce about the good ol' days.

But Gene's not done. Plans are already in the works for the long-tongued one to drop "Monster" - a collection of never-before-released solo material.

Dear God, Why? As with such music, my boss has a saying that always rings true ... music that's been 'previously unreleased' hasn't been released for good reason, 'cause if it was good, somebody would've released it.