Friday, November 2, 2007

A great mystery revealed

Finally ...

After so many years of wondering, we've been given the answer to one of life's resounding mysteries - How top-hatted former Guns 'n' Roses guitarist Slash got his nickname.

Not that Saul Hudson, his real name, wasn't cool enough.

Seems that Saul was a friend of the son of character actor Seymour Cassel, who called the then-teenage, wannabe musician Slash - because he was so struck by the scheming youngster.

"It was a nickname that Seymour Cassel used to call me," Slash said recently. "I used to be (and) I'm still good friends with his son, Matt, so I used to hang out over at their house and he always used to call me Slash.

"Basically, he says it was because I was always in a hurry and I was always scheming, I was always hustling, this and that. He always saw me on the go, on the fly. So he used to call me Slash and it just stuck. My friends started calling me that and it just became a permanent nickname."

And now we can all sleep at night.