Saturday, December 1, 2007

Trust me, this is worth it

I get labeled as a stuck-in-the-70s-and-80s rock guy, and it's probably true. Doesn't bother me much.
But one of my favorite guitarists is a guy named Ed Gerhard, an acoustic virtuouso from New Hampshire who's played in Anniston a few times. He's awsome and inspiring at the same time.
Anyway, Lisa Davis -- the wife of this dude named Bob who works at The Star -- asked this week about Christmas music. So I'll offer this:
Ed Gerhard has a CD of his own version of acoustic Christmas music, and it's the best stuff I've ever heard -- other than the originals, of course. He's incredibly talented, uses a whole array of different sounding guitars and can certainly set an aural mood. Great guy, too.
Try out his Web site here. I think I'll break out his Christmas CD for our holiday party next month. Probably go over better with egg nog than my Metallica and Maiden collection, anyway.