Saturday, December 8, 2007

Hey, let's make a Youtube video and get discovered by the Stones, man

OK, admit it: When's the last time you intentionally listened to a Journey song. 1987? 1981? Ever...How many times can you hear 'Faithfully' and not puke?

Well ... I like Journey -- old Journey, that is, stuff with Greg Rollie singing, jam-band stuff from their Bay Area days -- and I've been intrigued with how they've changed singers like most folks do socks the last few years.

Steve Perry? Gone, back, gone again.
Steve Augeri? Gone, for good.
Jeff Scott Soto? Gone, for good.
And now?

They've got some dude from the Philippines -- yes, that place -- named Arnel Pineda who they saw on Youtube singing their songs in a bar band. Flew him out for a tryout and signed him up.

There's still hope for all of us closet rock stars, apparently.

I'm not making this stuff up.

Go here to see and hear.

Or go here to read it for yourself.

Or go here to see it for yourself on Youtube.