Thursday, April 3, 2008

still hangin'

Say it ain't so ...

The original boy band (well, maybe not the actual original that was like the Jackson 5, but at least the 80s version of the original boyband) are getting back together again.

That's right, New Kids On The Block, better known as NKOTB, have put aside their difference, realized their indivudal failures and are reuniting. God help us all.

And it's apparently the whole band - even the little one and Donnie, the rebel, (now better known as Mark, don't call me "Marky" Walhberg's older brother). The whole gang apparently plans to tour and force a new album upon an apathetic public that's finally reached puberty.

Though they promise to do the old material, it's the moves that'll be hard to reproduce. After all, Donnie's an actor and Jonathan Knight (the quiet one) has been a real estate developer for 20 years.

Still, how much fun will it be to watch these now over-40 performers do that weird New Kid Dance?

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