Thursday, April 10, 2008

Put a fork in him ...

It was one of those late-night moments that was so surreal as to be confused as a dream. Lying in bed, weighing through channel after channel of commercials, I happened across Meatloaf selling cell phones.

Before the point, first a confession - I'm something of a Meatloaf fan (both the singer and the hamburger loaf). Bat out of Hell, and heck, even Bat Out of Hell 11, had been guilty pleasures for a long, long time. Face it, Meatloaf can wail.

But this ... This commerical makes a mockery of selling out. It's a take-off of Meat's epic hit "Paradise by the Dashboard Lights," only it's a weird musical argument featuring Meat's kid (Mini-Meat) who wants a cell phone ... "let me sleep on it."

If it was done this badly, this cheesy on purpose - it's brilliant. If not, it just might be the worst commercial ever made.

check it out here