Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Radiohead is at it again

Radiohead has taken another step in changing the music industry.

"Nude," the second single off their newest album In Rainbows, is now available in isolated tracks on iTunes (i.e. guitar track, bass track, drum track). Fans can buy each track and remix their own version of "Nude" in Garageband.

The biggest catch with this new promotion: Each track costs 99 cents. So you're spending about 5 bucks to make a remix. (FYI: The original mix only costs 99 cents)

Fans can then upload their remix and have Myspace and Facebook users vote on it. There is no prize, but Radiohead says they'll listen to the best mixes.

Any thoughts on this? Is it just another money-making scheme?

Click here for more information and to listen to some remixes.