Saturday, March 15, 2008

moody music

Help ... Please, help me.

My step-
daughter is in "a phase," the one where everything's terrible, her parents are horrible and nobody understands her. She actually wants to paint her room black. So in my haste to help her relate, I was going to pull down some moody, angst-ridden music that would perhaps pull her through the doldroms of adolescence .

This is why they created emo right? Plus, anything's gotta be better than Flo Rida and Fergie. Trouble is, I've finally fallen out of the musical loop. I don't know what's acceptable to the younger sect anymore ... save for the junk I hear on the radio.

So I'm taking suggestions - moody music for a pre-teen. And yes, offensive language need be avoided.

Here's a working list:

The Cure (never falls out of fashion)

Counting Crows

Tori Amos

Linkin Park

August for Ashes

Dashboard Confessional

That's all I've got ... feel free to chime in.