Friday, June 13, 2008

One day down

Sorry about the lack of a second post on Thursday. If you were here, you'd understand. We didn't really get everything set up (tents and getting settled) until well after 6 p.m.

By that point, once we got something to eat (first time since breakfast) and got to see the sights, I couldn't find the media area. That's the only place that had power and wi-fi.

What I did get to see was some good music.

Vampire Weekend is a newer band, that has been described as "preppy rock". They weren't bad, to my surprise. Real happy music. But it was still odd to see someone with dreads dancing around to four guys singing in Izod polos.

The second band we saw was Dark Star Orchestra, a Greatful Dead cover band. Their deal is they play complete Dead show from the first to the last song. As a casual Dead fan, they were incredible.

The hardcore Deadheads looked pleased as well.

The show ended around 1:50 a.m., and from there we went to the disco. That blew my mind, not only because there was a disco at a "Hippy Jam Band" festival, but the D.J.'s were first class. One guy was scratching on the turntable with what looked to be a choregraphed Olympic routine.

But while it was amazing, the body odor on the floor was more than you could imagine.

I have no idea what I'll see today. I've learned already to make no plans. But I do know I'll be mad as a wet hen if I don't get to see Willie Nelson and Chris Rock (no they won't be performing together.)

"It's a cosmic experience," one of my friends said. "Take it in and flow."

Last tidbit, the weatherman lied. There's no way it was 68 degrees here last night.