Saturday, June 7, 2008

BamaJam -- Saturday, 10:00 p.m.

ABOVE: Hank Jr. rocking the crowd. Not only is he broadcast on multiple Jumbo-Trons, but he's wearing a jersey that says "Bocephus #1."

Hank Williams Jr. rocks! And 100,000 thousand other people agree with me. This first-time festival has definitely made it's mark on southern Alabama.

Beach balls and rebel flags printed with Hank's face fly above the crowd. This is the man that inspires thousands of people every day ... but in what ways makes me uncomfortable. Along with Hank's face are the words, "If the South would've won, we'd had it made."

Hank Jr.'s arrogance is incredible. These people worship him -- I saw them bowing to him after he swaggered onstage, rocking out "My Name Is Bocephus." Behind him, the Jumbo-Tron and it's accompanying mini-Jumbo-Trons flash his flame-engulfed moniker.

He knows how to give them what they want -- his hard-edged, outlaw rock gets them dancin' and hollerin, and queching thousands of beers to keep their vocal cords going for the next hour -- Hank Jr. made sure this festival will see it's second year.

Update: Click here to view an audio slideshow from BamaJam 2008