Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Fallen "Idol"

Seems as though Alabama native Taylor Hicks' "Soul Patrol" has let him down ... and his record label was feeling too charitable.

Hicks was recently dropped by J Records a little over a year after his self-titled debut was released to mediocre sales - just under 700,000 - and is thus far the only "American Idol" winner to have not sold 1 million units on the debut.

The silver fox whose spastic delivery won him the heart (if not the loyalty) of millions in the voting, but that seemingly didn't translate into actual album sales ...

Personally, I liked Taylor, especially since he didn't fit the typical "Idol" mold. So this drop is necessarily unexpected. But weep not for Taylor, who has promised to continue making music "his way."

Another “Idol” winner — Ruben Studdard of season two — left his contract with J Records late last year, but continues his contract with 19 Entertainment, the company managed by “Idol” creator Simon Fuller.

Studdard is now at work on an upcoming album, but it will not be distributed by J Records, Morentin said. Studdard’s previous album, 2006’s “The Return,” has sold only 236,000 copies.